Moosewood Restaurant Favorites is Here!

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 Our Newest!

Our 250 favorite, most requested, naturally delicious recipes, the way we cook them now with 40 years of experience!

Moosewood Restaurant Favorites features full color photos of the food throughout.

You can ORDER now and get an autographed hard cover copy direct from the authors. Now in hardcover only.

For years, our readers and fans have been asking us, “Which book should I buy? Which one has your most popular recipes?” We heard you. But you should have heard us arguing over which of our own favorites to include! Fortunately, we agreed way more often than we disagreed, and we’re very proud of this book.

Moosewood is donating 1% of our royalties to Healthy Food For All … so when anyone buys a copy, they will also be helping to support a great local organization. It all adds up!