Straight from the Moose’s Mouth

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Sometimes the world is an interesting place. You work for four decades to craft a good and honest company that leaves in the world more than it takes.

Then you get a call from a news outlet. You ask for more time because things are unfolding. Then a premature story gets posted and you have false rumors on your hands

Amidst (incorrect) rumors that Moosewood is “selling out”, we wanted to give the scoop straight from the Moose’s mouth:

We’re not at the point where anything new is launching right now. But everyone working towards that goal wants the food and the new vision to be honorable, exciting, and to represent the Moosewood that we all love.

We’ll continue to operate in Ithaca as a full-service, healthy, natural foods eatery with the vegetarian emphasis we’ve had for 42 years. If things work out, Moosewood will be refreshed and strengthened by investment and added experience and perspective from a group of partners who are aligned with our values and are excited by our food, our brand and our history.

We’ll keep everyone posted!