The Hippies Have Won!

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This is the opening line of Christine Muhlke’s  April 4, 2017  article in the Food section of the NY Times.

“It’s Moosewood’s world. We’re just eating in it.”

Consider granola: The word used to be a derogatory term. Now it’s a supermarket category worth nearly $2 billion a year. Kombucha was something your art teacher might have made in her basement. The company GT’s Kombucha brews more than a million bottles annually and sells many of them at Walmart and Safeway. And almond milk? You can add it to your drink at 15,000 Starbucks locations for 60 cents.

Just as yoga and meditation have gone mainstream (and let’s not get started on designer Birkenstocks), so have ideas and products surrounding health, wellness and eating that play like a flashback to the early 1970s.

Co-op staples of that time — the miso, tahini, dates, seeds, turmeric and ginger that were absorbed from other cultures and populated the Moosewood restaurant cookbooks — now make appearances at some of the most innovative restaurants in the country, where menus are built around vegetables and heritage grains. Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise; and kale, the bacon of the clean-eating moment, is now routinely heaped on salad plates across the land.

The hippies may not have won the election, but they are winning the plate. (Or rather, the bowl.)   Please enjoy the rest of the article.


Further, the first line of Christine Muhlke’s article is referred to and quoted in a related April 5,2017 article in the NY Times by Sam Sifton, titled “The Hippies are Winning”:

Good morning. I don’t know that açai bowls are ever really going to outstrip bacon cheeseburgers as hangover cures, as the chef Gerardo Gonzalez suggests in Christine Muhlke’s smart article in The Times today about the mainstreaming of hippie cuisine. But if you can buy kombucha at Walmart and they’re selling avocado toast for $18 a throw at an elegant mainline French restaurant like Le Coucou in Manhattan, something is happening here, Mr. Jones. As Christine writes: “It’s Moosewood’s world. We’re just eating in it.”

Read the article and see what you think. For sure you’ll want to cook the recipe Christine scored off Deborah Madison in the course of her reporting: pan-griddled sweet potatoes with miso-ginger sauce….