The Moosewood Collective has written fourteen cookbooks, sharing our recipes and culinary tips with people all over the world. Our recipes have changed the way that people eat, and helped many novice cooks become great cooks. In September of 2017 we introduced our fourteenth book, published by St. Martin’s Press, New York.



In 2013 we published Moosewood Restaurant Favorites, many of our cooks’ and our customers’ most popular dishes, reflecting the way we make them today.





The following five of our cookbooks have been nominated for James Beard Awards. Please visit the Cookbook Store for descriptions of all of our books.

James Beard Award Nominee, 1990




James Beard Award,  Best Books – Vegetarian 1995




James Beard Award, Best Books –  Healthy Focus 1997




James Beard Award Nominee, 2002




James Beard Award Nominee, 2004