Asparagus & Snow Pea Salad

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We get excited when fresh asparagus and snow peas become abundant in our local markets. The lovely presentation of these wonderful, bright green vegetables makes this a delightful spring and early summer salad. We use both asparagus and snow peas, but if you prefer to make the salad with only one or the other, use […]

Dilly Beans

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Many of us at Moosewood “put up” Dilly Beans during the summer and then conjure up fond memories of the vegetable garden as we eat them during the winter. These intensely flavored beans can be prepared on the spot anytime. Serve as a garnish for green salads or as a side dish with sandwiches or […]

Susan’s Pesto

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Moosewood cook Susan Harville worked on a low-fat version of pesto until she scored with this one, which has a bright, fresh taste and almost no fat. We never tire of eating linguine with pesto, and this recipe makes exactly the right amount of pesto for one pound of pasta. Pesto is also good as […]

Navajo Peach Crumble

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In the high desert canyons of Arizona, Navajo people tend their prized peach tree orchards. We were surprised that peaches, could grow in such a harsh climate of extremes, but they thrive next to the hot walls of the canyon. This recipe adds cornmeal and pine nuts, staples of the southwestern United States, for luscious, […]