Cooking for the Holidays

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Our memories of winter holidays are illuminated by thoughts of family and friends. The foods we have shared add a dimension to those reflections that engage the senses of taste and fragrance as well as a feeling of warmth and good cheer. Everyone has their favorite dishes that reappear year after year, while the addition of some […]

First Spring Salad Green

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Last night I had my first spring green salad from the garden of this year. Mache, also known as corn salad, lamb’s lettuce, and Rapunzel is very hardy, and survives winter as cold as 5⁰ F, but colder if there’s snow cover. This record-breaking early spring in the Eastern half of the country with its […]

Stop the Fracking

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Moosewood has contributed to the Soapbox feature of  Zester Daily, an award-winning online publication produced by an international collection of experienced journalists, food writers and wine experts. Read about our concern for the health of our water, agriculture, and our lives in a  region that is threatened by short-sighted attempts at profits for a few. 

Planning the Garden

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We’ve had our first big snow and real cold of the year, a good time to start thinking about 2012’s gardening season. The seed catalogs are becoming a tall stack; looking through all the lush pictures in contrast to the very white landscape beyond the window is the beginning of the process that evokes the […]

The Shortest Days- Cookie Time!

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Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have watched the decreasing day length, with the shortest days of the year right now.  On December  22nd, the Winter Solstice arrives with the light returning and the days lengthening- yes the increase is subtle at first, but noticeable  after a couple of weeks. It’s always a bit sad […]

Winter Harvests

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The calendar says December but there are still vegetables that I’m harvesting from my garden. This year the freezes so far haven’t been severe enough to kill the hardier plants, and using row covers [porous fabrics that give a few degrees of added warmth to the protected plants] helps to extend harvest time. I seed […]


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I had my first salad of arugula today from seeds that I planted in late August. There have been a few thinnings before today, but right now the leaves are baby size, about 3 inches at the longest. They have that classic arugula bite, but not too sharp and quite tender as well. I used […]

Pole Beans

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  by David Hirsch  I make sure to plant pole beans every year; I find them such a rewarding crop. Easy to grow, high yielding for the space they take up, and a contributor of nitrogen to the soil. But mostly, I like the way they taste- fresh and beany. When your garden is on […]