Pasta with Broccoli, Edamame & Walnuts

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Shelled edamame (fresh soybeans) are available in the frozen food section of many natural foods stores and supermarkets. Whole wheat pasta is especially good in this dish. If you think you’ll be lucky enough to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, instead of tossing the walnuts into the pasta, sprinkle them on top of each serving. […]

French Barley Salad

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Barley is the perfect grain for a hearty salad because it’s chewy and readily absorbs flavors. It takes about 40 minutes to become tender, so there’s plenty of time to prepare the rest of the ingredients while it cooks. Here we combine the barley with marinated mushrooms, sweet peppers, carrots, and crunchy green beans. Buttery […]

The Hippies Have Won!

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This is the opening line of Christine Muhlke’s  April 4, 2017  article in the Food section of the NY Times. “It’s Moosewood’s world. We’re just eating in it.” Consider granola: The word used to be a derogatory term. Now it’s a supermarket category worth nearly $2 billion a year. Kombucha was something your art teacher […]

Greek Diced Vegetable Salad

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A light, refreshing, and flavorful salad, the intensity of the Kalamata olives will be more evenly distributed if you take the time to slice them. Hopefully you can find pitted olives at your deli bar or specialty store. A heartier salad can be created by the addition of chickpeas and slices of hard boiled egg. […]

Baked Pasta with Cauliflower and Cheese

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Macaroni and Cheese is so popular now, people of all ages are ordering it as their main dish in restaurants and bistros everywhere. Here’s a version, Italian style, studded with cauliflorets and chopped tomatoes, a rich, yummy sauce and Italian cheeses, with a gratifyingly golden, crusty breadcrumb topping. This is so good it’ll make you […]

Understanding “Ban the Box”: Creating a Fair Chance

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A new panel discussion for organizations and individuals interested in learning more about removing the “check box” regarding criminal records. 9:30  – 11:30 am, Friday, March, 10th  2017 Borg Warner Conference Room, Tompkins County Public Library,  101 E. Green St. at S. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY FREE AND OPEN TO ALL REGISTER ONLINE at   […]

Puttanesca Sauce

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Puttanesca Sauce is zesty tomato sauce with body, accented with capers, Kalamata olives, and red pepper flakes. It’s as saucy and irrepressible as the ladies of the night for whom it is named.   Save Print Puttanesca Sauce Recipe type: Sauce Cuisine: Italian Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  45 mins Serves: 7 cups […]

The 50 Most Affordable College Towns in the US

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Ithaca is Number 3 in this list, and there’s a nice mention of  Moosewood.  If we could just deal with the high cost of housing here, all our people could keep living here in the city, along with students, faculty and staff at the colleges! We have so much going for us; let’s keep our […]

Vegetarian Feijoada

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Feijoada (fay-ZHWA-dah) originated among Brazilian enslaved Africans, who prepared flavorful dishes from the leftover foods they were given. Today, feijoada is the festive national dish of Brazil. It is eaten in a leisurely fashion by friends and family as they sit around socializing and chatting, taking a little of this and a little of that […]