Menu Development

We are happy to consult with other restaurants, caterers, food services and private individuals to develop menus that include or feature natural, vegetarian whole foods. Moosewood can help you understand alternative protein sources, create vegetarian and vegan menus, and to achieve the balanced array of offerings your customers or guests want. We’ll recommend dishes that enhance and are consistent with your existing menu as well as seasonal offerings. If you are unfamiliar with our cuisine, we can introduce accessible, appealing recipes that will make your new menu offerings sure hits. We can design particular selections or an entire menu, and ways to meet specific nutritional and dietary needs and preferences.

Chef Training

After years of training our own staff, we have begun conducting sessions with chefs and managers in the Food Service Industry. Increased public interest in vegetarian and vegan meals can be used to your advantage by establishing staff familiarity and experience working with appropriate products, techniques, recipes, and menu planning.

Recipe Development

Because we constantly create new recipes for our restaurant and cookbooks, we have plenty of experience developing great tasting food using reliable procedures. We design healthful and vegan dishes by request. On occasion, we’ve been asked to develop new recipes featuring particular, unusual ingredients, such as Grandfather Corn or other heirloom or heritage varieties of grains and beans. Substituting healthier, alternative sources of protein in traditional dishes helps to preserve culture while improving nutrition. We’ve even helped students gather their favorite recipes and write their own cookbook.

Cooking Instruction and Demonstration

Please check our homepage and Announcements to see if there are any cooking classes or demonstrations scheduled in your area in the near future. While our limited space at the restaurant precludes conducting classes in Ithaca, we are frequently guest instructors at various facilities from coast to coast. Our classes are informal, fun, and combine practical, down-to-earth techniques with thorough, accessible information. With access to an appropriately sized kitchen, we can teach groups of any size to prepare dishes from the enormous repertoire of published and unpublished recipes. We can also provide signed cookbooks for sale at these events.

Food Talks

Moosewood chefs deliver talks on a variety of food-related topics, for example, natural/whole/organic foods, the positive value of a vegan or vegetarian diet on our carbon footprint, sourcing local ingredients, vegetarian, healthful and vegan menus, seasonal meals and celebrations, cooking in quantity for a crowd, adapting ethnic cuisines, or cooking for children. We are happy to speak individually or on panels, at conferences, in classrooms at gatherings of any size.

Personalized Cooking Instruction

Occasionally, we have been asked to teach individuals to cook our cuisine. We’ll consider such requests, but it may be more cost effective to organize a small group of friends interested in learning together in someone’s home. We have received many offers to barter temporary labor in exchange for an opportunity to apprentice at Moosewood. Unfortunately, we’re not set up to provide personalized training in the Moosewood kitchen.