Fan Mail

Where have you been all my life? I have recently been giving the “flexitarian” diet a try due to environmental issues and a desire to eat healthier. I checked out some vegetarian cookbooks from the library, including your “New Classics” and “Simple Suppers” and just love them! I am in the process of collecting all of your cookbooks. I love the recipes, but even more the writing about each recipe. It makes my mouth water just reading about the food! I love making restaurant-quality food with easy-to-find ingredients and easy to prepare recipes. I really enjoy your daily menus that you post on your website and referencing what cookbook they are in. It gives me great ideas of what to make and I vision myself eating at your restaurant. Someday I hope to visit you all!

 Thanks again for opening this new world for me and please keep up the good work!

 Debbie Poss

We have never had anything but an excellent meal here! We drive over two hours from Wellsboro, PA. Portion sizes are perfect. Presentation is simple, but delightful. Flavor balance is just right. Our experiences are consistent! Simplicity and healthy eating at its finest!

Rochelle A. Clark, Wellsboro, PA

Hello Moosewood!

Our family has had one of your cookbooks for a long, long, time, and I cook from it frequently. Last year, I wrote a college essay about making your ratatouille, and it helped me get into my dream college of William and Mary. I thought I should share the essay with you. (read an excerpt)


Hi there,

I’ve always been a fan of your cookbooks, so imagine my delight when my husband and I moved into the house we’re house-sitting/renting for the year to find that nearly all of your cookbooks were on the bookshelf in the kitchen. That, combined with living in a rich agricultural area with lots of fresh, organic produce, motivated me to embark on “the year of Moosewood.” I plan to cook my way through the cookbooks while we’re here.

It has certainly been a delicious experiment so far! Thanks for your great work. I hope to get to your restaurant someday soon!

All best,

Denise Grant

My wife and I paid a visit to Moosewood last weekend and enjoyed our meal and experience. We have not been to the restaurant for many years and were looking forward to the quality and uniqueness of the Moosewood. May you always remain in business and providing excellent food and service.

…I should also add that the main reason for our out of state visit to Ithaca region was for the Moosewood. That was the main attraction for us. We then did winery tours and Watkins Glen state park and the racetrack but the highlight was the Moosewood. When we plan meals at home we often say “what Moosewood recipe should we make tonight?”

Ed Korsberg

Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Good morning,

I am the author of an Upstate New York food blog called Big Hungry Shelby. This week, I recommend Moosewood Restaurant to my readers, and I thought you might like to read the review

Something yummy this way comes!

Shelby Cohen

Big Hungry Shelby


From Russia with Love!

Hello Dear Sirs!

Some time ago, my family and I came to your town on vacation and went to your restaurant. We want to express to you our gratitude for your warm welcome and good service. My children, my husband and I were very pleased with your delicious meal, we had a great time and got a lot of positive emotions. Thank you once again for the wonderful time we spent with you. Your staff were so kind to me, I do not know how to thank you. My family really enjoyed your restaurant. I will recommend your restaurant to my friends. My children said that your restaurant The Best.

With warmest good wishes for the future.

Sincerely yours, Family Aleshkova



I enjoy making your recipe for spicy dilly beans. The recipe mentions they are also great canned for winter enjoyment.

A quick canning question… Are you precooking the beans when you can them as well, like you do in the original recipe that is served from the fridge the same day? A lot of recipes I see for canned dilled beans use fresh (raw) beans in the jar and hot brine over top to 1/2-inch head space prior to canning. Just curious as I would love them to be as crisp as possible when opened on a cold winter day.

Thank you for your time; I have enjoyed your cookbooks for well over 20 years. Thanks for all the inspirations to delicious fare.


Kathy Schmidt

WA State


Hi Kathy,

If you want to can the beans, stack the clean, trimmed raw beans upright on end; tuck fresh dill in nice full sprigs, in between the beans and the glass; add an extra couple of small cloves of garlic. Pour simmering hot brine over the beans and tightly screw on the lids which will seal when the temperature cools. The beans will pickle over time and hopefully stay pretty crisp.

Glad you like the recipe.

Laura Branca