Our Cuisine

Moosewood’s meals are prepared with the freshest vegetables, herbs and fruits,  whole grains, nuts, beans, high-quality oils, spices and seasonings, and fine imported and domestic cheeses. We make an effort to use organic ingredients whenever possible.  Our commitment is to  use the best natural ingredients to create an exciting, imaginative and healthful cuisine with a vegetarian emphasis. Taking inspiration from around the world, we love using the spices and seasonings typical of a region or ethnicity, and adapting traditional dishes and family favorites to be lighter, healthier and more plant-based.
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Cheese & Veg Burrito with Smooth GuacBy maintaining an open, accessible, non-doctrinaire approach with our menus in the restaurant and our cookbooks, and because of how good our food tastes and how satisfying and energizing it is,  we’ve been able–without being dogmatic about it–to encourage people to to eat less meat and to really enjoy eating and cooking vegetarian and vegan food. We have been serving customers food from the farm to our table for 41 years. Like food-conscious people all over, we want to keep GMOs out of our food, and to feel that we can trust what we serve and eat.


Thanks to our passion for beautiful, tasty food, the fun of learning from each other, and the freedom to experiment with an array of excellent ingredients, seasonings and spices, our forte is to develop new recipes, many of which find their way into our cookbooks. One of our values has been to make  healthful, delicious food affordable and accessible to everyone who enjoys going out to eat; another is to teach people to cook our food at home, and to add their own creativity to our recipes. By using natural, unprocessed ingredients like organic whole grains, dried fruits, sulfite-free condiments, gluten-free soy sauce,  locally or regionally-sourced greens, fruit, tofu, berries,  honey, eggs, and dairy products, and wild-caught fish, Moosewood is proud of the quality and integrity of our food.

flavored_rices_02Our ever-changing menu draws inspiration from regional American cooking to a wide variety of international cuisines that are adapted to our own unique style of cooking. We intentionally change our menu so that the selection is different from all the other menus that week or that month. We love to work with what’s seasonally available from local growers.  With well over 2,000 recipes to choose from, our menu planners are blessed with a huge repertoire of soups, salads, main dishes, and side dishes from which to design our daily menus. Special attention goes into our Sunday night menus, designed to feature the cuisine of a particular country, ethnicity, or region. We also serve luscious homemade desserts, and offer natural sodas, fresh squeezed juices, spirits, Fair-Trade coffees,  and a good selection of  beers, and wines from New York State and beyond. Please visit our recipe blog where you’ll find over one hundred of our published recipes to try for free.