Restaurant Menu

Click the tabs below to see our To-Go menu, and call us at 607-273-9610 for Pick-up and Curbside. For Delivery, order through Ithaca to Go.  Daily soups post 30 minutes before the start of the day. We strive to use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients.  We serve vegetarian, vegan (v), gluten-free (gf) dishes. We serve wine, beer, spirits, many beverages and juices. ★ Dietary restrictions/allergies? Call Moosewood at 607-273-9610. ★ 




Moosewood Dine-In Menu

Week of 11/29/2021


Call/Order Ahead Also Available!

(607) 273-9610


Salads (small/large) 

Housemade Dressings (all gluten-free): House (Creamy Spinach-Basil), Feta Garlic,

Honey Dijon, Miso Ginger (v), Lemon Tahini (v)

House Salad (v)(gf) (4/6.5)

Mixed greens, tomato, carrot, cucumber, greek olive

Mediterranean Salad (v on request)(gf) (5.5/10)

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, mixed olives, marinated artichoke hearts & chickpeas, feta


Soups (cup/bowl) (4/5.5)

Santé Fe Chowder (gf)

Mulligatawny (Spiced Indian Chickpea-Vegetable (v)(gf)


Daily Soup-Salad-Bread Special

(cup/bowl soup) (10/11.5)

Choice of soup, large house  salad, and bread

Add baked tofu, feta, +1 each


Bowls (small/large) (5.5/10)

Thai Rice Bowl (v)(gf) – Thai black rice, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, baked tofu, cabbage slaw, ground roasted peanuts, on fresh spinach with housemade Thai peanut dressing

Gochujang Noodle Bowl (v) – wheat noodles tossed with housemade gochujang sauce, scallions, carrots, fresh spinach, baked tofu, toasted sesame seeds



Seasoned Organic Baked Tofu (v)(gf)  3

Ithaca Bakery Multigrain Bread with butter or olive oil (v)  1

Marinated Organic Chickpeas (v)(gf)  3

Marinated Artichoke Hearts (v)(gf)  3

Mixed Olive Plate (v)(gf)  4

Red Cabbage Slaw (v)(gf)  3

Organic Brown Rice (v)(gf)  2


Lighter Fare

White Bean, Rosemary & Roasted Garlic Spread (v)(gf on request)    7

Organic white bean, slow-roasted local garlic & rosemary dip, served with whole wheat pita, pickled red onions, cherry tomatoes & cucumber


Burger & Wrap

Served with white corn tortilla chips

Seneca Burger (v and gf on request)    12

Housemade black bean burger on a brioche bun with vegan maple-apple-whole grain mustard aioli, red cabbage slaw, NYS cheddar

Geneva Wrap (v on request)

Caramelized onions & butternut squash in a roasted jalapeno-thyme vinaigrette, local Brussels sprout slaw, spinach & NYS cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla



Add small house salad to any entrée 2.5

Finger Lakes Red Bean Jambalaya (v and gf on request)  13.5

Roasted  button & portobello mushrooms, eggplant, local red beans, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash & okra simmered with tomatoes, paprika, thyme, allspice, tarragon & a brown rice flour roux; served on Remembrance Farm baby kale & organic red quinoa, with baguette slices & NYS cheddar

Butternut Carbonara   13.5

Spaghetti pasta tossed with a creamy sauce of pureed butternut squash, caramelized red onion, garlic, smoked paprika, thyme, sage, Remembrance Farm arugula, green peas, asiago and cheddar cheeses; topped with chopped local heirloom tomatoes and parmesan

Yellow Pumpkin Curry (v on request)(gf)   13.5

Potatoes, carrots, roasted cauliflower, bell peppers, green beans, sweet corn, zucchini, yellow squash & marinated tofu simmered with yellow curry paste & house curry spices, coconut milk, pureed pumpkin and a house made ginger-cashew cream; served on organic brown rice with ground roasted peanuts & cilantro-yogurt


Kid’s Menu

      Each kids meal is $7 and comes with fruit  and choice of beverage (milk, apple juice, lemonade

Cheese Toast – NYS Cheddar melted on Ithaca Bakery multigrain bread

Kid’s Pasta (v on request) – farfalle w/(choose from) olive oil, butter, tomato sauce, parmesan 

PB & J – Peanut butter and strawberry or raspberry jelly on multigrain bread



Housemade Desserts

Fudge Brownie   4.25

Vegan Chocolate Cake (v)   6.5

Cranberry-Peach-Berry Crumble – with oat-cornmeal topping (v)(gf)    6.5

Banana Cake – with vanilla cream cheese frosting    6.5

Brown Sugar & Spice Poundcake  6.5

Chocolate Ricotta Mousse  6.5

Pumpkin Cheesecake with pecan-oat crust (gf)  6.5

Dennis’ Homemade Ice Cream   4.5     Any dessert a la mode    2.25


Featured Drinks

Moosewood Ginger Tea                  4

Fresh ginger, orange, lemon + local honey

Hot or Iced

Floo Shot                                         5

Fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, cayenne, lemon,

orange + local honey. Concentrated in a chilled

four ounce shot.

Golden Milk                                     6

Fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, honey, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper with almond milk. Hot or Iced

Add espresso shot +1

Local Apple Cider                    3.5/4.5

Local apple cider served hot or cold. Garnished with orange slice and cinnamon sprinkle.

Classic or Sparkling Lemonade       3.5

Made with fresh lemon juice, organic raw sugar

Add syrup +.5      Add root juice +1

Arnold Palmer                                  3.5

Black iced tea + lightly sweetened lemonade

Lavender Lemonade                        4

Made with fresh lemon juice and housemade lavender syrup

The Superfantastic!                          4

Sparkling water, lemon, orange, honey + strawberry Monin syrup

Organic Carrot Juice                     4/7

Additions: beet-celery-lemon-lime-kale-ginger-turmeric

Fresh Orange Juice                         4

Fresh Grapefruit Juice                      4


Bottled Juices                            2.5/4

Organic Apple – Cranberry – Peach


Drink Additions   Syrup +.5/Root juice +1

Syrups: Strawberry, Raspberry, Mandarin, Blackberry, Mango, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Lavender

Root Juices: Ginger, Turmeric  



Sparkling Drinks

Blueberry-Mint Shrub Soda                  4

Fruit syrup made with organic cane sugar, mixed with raw apple cider vinegar + sparkling water.                                          

Jeltzers                                              4

Sparkling water + choice of fresh citrus juice

(Orange – Grapefruit) or

Natural bottled juice: (Apple – Cranberry – Peach)

Tonic Water                                        3

Sparkling water + house-made syrup made with citrus zest, lemongrass, cinchona bark, herbs & spices, sugar

Italian Sodas                                      3

Sparkling water with choice of Monin or House syrup

Syrups: Strawberry, Raspberry, Mandarin, Blackberry, Mango, Vanilla, Hazelnut

Ithaca Ginger Beer                                      2.5

Ithaca Root Beer                                          2.5

Fiz Cola (Rochester, NY)                             2.5

Fiz-Up (Lemon-Lime) (Rochester, NY)         2.5

Saratoga Sparkling Spring                          2.5

Bootleg Kombucha                                     4

Hibiscus-Lime or Passionfruit



We serve organic, fair-trade coffee from Equal Exchange


House Blend             2


Espresso                    2.5       3

Americano               2.5       3

Red-Eye                     3.5       4

Macchiato                3          4

Cafe au Lait              3          4

Cappuccino             3.5       4.5

Cafe Latte                 3.5       4.5

Cafe Breve                3.5       4.5

Cafe Mocha             3.5       4.5

Add espresso shot +1 / Add syrup +.5

Milk Choices: 2% – Almond Milk – Soy Milk

Oat Milk +.75


Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate                              3/4.5

Choice of milk + house made chocolate syrup. Steamed

Maple Latte                                   4/5

Maple syrup steamed in your choice of milk over espresso.

Steamers                                        3/4.5

Your choice of milk + vanilla or hazelnut Monin syrup Or House Syrup. Steamed



Iced Tea                                            3

Black, Herbal or Green

Sweetened or Unsweetened


House Chai                                 3.5/4.5

Black Assam tea, masala-chai spices, orange, ginger, vanilla, brown sugar + maple syrup. With your choice of milk. Steamed or Iced

Add espresso shot +1

Black Tea                                          2

Earl Grey – English Breakfast (regular or decaf)

Darjeeling – Irish Breakfast


Herbal Tea                                        2

Berry Zinger – Chamomile – Rooibos – Green


Loose Leaf Tea (Mug)                            3

Honey Bee

Red Tea and Chamomile

Calm Down

Lavender and Chamomile




6/22                       Cline – Farmhouse Red – California, 2018

11/42                     Cabernet Sauvignon – Hess – California, 2016  

10/38                     Cabernet Franc – Ryan William – Finger Lakes, 2015            

7/26                       Malbec – Santa Julio – Argentina, 2019                                  
9/34                       Pinot Noir – Bonterra – California, 2019*                             


6/22                       Chardonnay – Lakewood – Watkins Glen, 2017

9/34                       Chardonnay – Treleaven – Finger Lakes, 2017   
10/38                     Dry Riesling – Hermann J. Wiemer – Finger Lakes, 2018

 9/34                    Semi-dry Riesling – Keuka Lake Vineyards, Finger Lakes,2019

7/26                       Sauvignon Blanc – Nobilo – New Zealand, 2020

7/26                       Pinot Grigio – OKO – Italy, 2018*   

* Made with organic grapes



7/26                       Dry Rosé – Dr. Konstantin Frank – Finger Lakes, 2020       


8/33                       Prosecco – Cantine Maschio, Italy

Hard Cider

7/26       JayWalker – Black Diamond Cider, Trumansburg, NY (6 oz/bottle)

5              Citizen Cider – Citra Star  6.0% – Burlington, VT (12 oz can)



Ask your server about our current selection of New York craft beers on tap

Available in pints and 10 oz. pours

4/6                         Draft (10oz./16oz.)

7                              Flight of Drafts on Tap (four 4-oz. pours)     


4              Northway Brewing – Color Deceives Me – Black Lager 5% (16 oz. can)

6              Thin Man Brewing – Trial by Wombat IPA 7% – Buffalo (16 oz. can)      

5              Wagner Valley – Daybreak Pilsner 5.5% – Lodi, NY      

4.5           Brooklyn Brewery – Lager 5.2% – Brooklyn, NY       
5              Ithaca Beer Company – Apricot Wheat 4.9% – Ithaca, NY

6              Ithaca Beer Company – Flower Power IPA 7.5% – Ithaca (16 oz. can)      

5              Southern Tier – 2X Milk Stout 7.5% – Lakewood, NY   

5.5          Carrie’s  – Pineapple-Ginger Beer (GF) 6.7% – NYC, NY (16 oz can)

4              Athletic Brewing Co.- Free Wave IPA (Non-Alcoholic) Stratford, CT