Upcoming Shows on the Moosewood ArtWalls


  • DAKOTA PACE ANTHONY in main dining room; watercolor, acrylic embroidery, literal and abstract. Dakota is one of our very fine servers.


  • OLIVIA STROUD in the café bar; charcoals and acrylics. Olivia is one of our fabulous supervisors.


Sun APRIL 1 – APR 30

  • HERB SHAPIRO in the entire restaurant; realistic landscapes in oils and a new more abstract style. Herb is a local artist and patron of Moosewood.


Tues MAY 1—MAY 31 

  • SUE HERTZ in the entire restaurant; oils of our many gorges and waterfalls, some landscapes and a few portraits. Sue is a well-known artist in Ithaca.


Fri JUNE 1 –JUNE 30 

  • LISA NORLOCH exhibits her wood art and sculpture; very organic bowls and shapes, ‘wood owl original designs’; Lisa’s wife will be joining her showing ‘illuminated eye designs’ and photography.


Sun JULY 1 –JULY 31

  • RACHEL HOGANCAMP in entire restaurant showing her extraordinary photos of birds in flight, soaring, and nesting.



  • TAHILA MINTZ will exhibit picture from her latest adventure in South America; her mom is LACS teacher, Hayya Mintz.


Sat SEPT 1—SEPT  30

  • RAPHAEL LINO will have a mixed-media show in wood, acrylic and graphic design.


Mon OCT 1—OCT 31 

  • DIANNE McPHERSON will exhibit her detailed pencil drawings with a southwestern influence. Dianne is a newly retired teacher from Ithaca College with a very fine technique. Marilyn Rivchin may be joining this show with some of her beautiful photos.


Thurs NOV 1—NOV 30

  • NORM JOHNSON will show a multitude of very colorful oils, sculptures and acrylics; Norm is a nature lover and who has many peacocks, chickens, and horses; it will be an interesting show.


Sat DEC 1—DEC 31

  • DANIEL McPHEETERS  Daniel’s latest work is titled “Bubblescapes—Dance of the Spheres”; he has traditionally shown at Moosewood in December because he unites celestial astrological images with nature, and they are gorgeous. His works are popular holiday gifts.











dreamscapemandalalogoDecember: Daniel McFeeters returns with mandalas  and dreamscapes

Daniel’s meticulously designed prints are gorgeous, cosmic and deeply evocative and inspiring. He sold many pieces from his 2014 show.     sculptedimage.com